Cowichan Beekeepers 2022

Setting Our Learning Goals for this Year


At every meeting, we strive for an entertaining and fun evening. Topics are always current, engaging, and include new beekeeping development. To help aim the content at more members we are asking you to complete this membership survey.

Please feel free to fill out the Cowichan Beekeepers Membership Application form below.

Survey: Hello fellow Beekeepers
Winter is the time we use to reflect and to plan what we are going to do with our bees this coming year. So is true for the Cowichan Beekeepers' Executive. We need to plan the year ahead for our membership so, to assist us in this task, it would be helpful to narrow member concerns, interests, and requested potential club activities. Please take the time to fill out this survey and leave parts blank wherever you wish. Let’s get started—
Please Enter a name to help us identify wishes to individuals in our beekeepers' society. Names and specific responses will not be made public.
I am interested in these Beekeeping skills and topics this year.
I am interested in Field Days that offer hands on experience about how to handle hive tools, frames and boxes while keeping the bees calm. ** Please click "OTHER" to describe what your area of interest
Preparing products from the hive for Exhibitions and for sale. **Please choose "other" to describe precisely the products you are interested in (if you already know).
I am interested in helping to contribute to the following events: (This is just a survey of interest at this point. You may have a commitment on that particular day.)
Please let us know if you have special interests, talents, or are able to help the Cowichan Beekeepers' Society offer more to the public. Skills such as web skills, beekeeping skills, bring baking, helping to set up the meeting, writing for Newsletter (Even to ask the beginner beekeepers questions or diary of a newbie [for example], forage knowledge, Insect knowledge, etc.)

Membership Benefits

We offer members Beekeeping Equipment which include:
– Uncapping knife.
– Honey grader.
– Hive bander and clips.

We also have a Honey extractor that may be rented for $10.00 per day. (See Jacques Marc)

Special Events

– Field days, demonstrations, hands-on experience for new beekeepers.
– Annual Club picnic
– Fall Harvest/Christmas potluck dinner and Awards night.
– Beekeeper mentoring
– Cowichan Valley Exhibition; our premier showcase for all things beekeeping in Cowichan Valley.

The Cowichan Beekeepers has a large assortment of beekeeping books. (Available on loan to members.)

Come Join Our Club!

Get all the latest news, helpful hints, suggestions, educational support, Zoom meetings, and so much more.


$20 for single and $32 for family.