Enhancing Bee Health Through Education

The Bee Mobile


Imagine a colourful, bee-themed trailer rolling into schools, community events and farmers’ markets.  Inside, curious minds of all ages will discover the facinating world of bees — from their intricate dances to their vital role in pollination.

The Bee Mobile is a functional tool for the public to learn about these super pollinators and their importance to agriculture and our communities.


Our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower people to become bee advocates and stewards of our pollinators.



The Bee Mobile is a self-contained classroom where bees can be studied, observed, and appreciated without entering the school or facility, and this educational opportunity will be offered free of charge to schools.

We aim to raise funds to outfit the Bee Mobile and make it a functional tool fro infroming the public about beekeeping and the importance of adequate nutrition and foraging.  A project budget has been developed to follow the design concept and provide an educaitonal curriculum.

These tiny creatures are vital to ensuring the growth of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.  However, bee populations face significant challenges due to habitat loss, pesticides, and climate change.



We are hopeful you may be able to contribute to our Bee Mobile fundraising campaign.





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