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Oct 20th 2021


October 20th 2021 General Meeting Agenda (3rd Wednesday)
Last meeting of the year: Please attend!
2 Locations: The meeting is Virtual and is also at the Cowichan Station “The Hub”
2375 Koksilah Rd, Duncan, BC V9L 6M5
Drive South of Duncan to 2nd signal light past Golf Course hill. Turn right on Koksilah Rd, and the community hall is about 1.5 km down the road to the West. The community center has parking, and the meeting is in the gym only several steps from the parking lot.

Zoom will be available, for those who are interested during the education sessions. We have not spent money on microphones to this point so quality will be “tolerable” however, we are considering the future offering with zoom and the potential importance of this remote service given the potential of the COVID variants.

Zoom link: October 20th for 6:38 pm and one more session (40 min maximum sessions)…
You will need to log in 2 times and don’t sign in more than 2 minutes before the session starts because the sessions are only open for 40 mins under the license we are using. You can text or phone Ian Low for assistance 250 709-1661if needed

Times: 6:30 (The Hub community centre is open)  – 9 pm


6:40 (Login 6:38 pm) Greetings and Introductions. Session 1: Election

1. Greetings and Introductions to Patti Whitehouse who is conducting the election.
Anyone who is a member in good standing is permitted to run as a candidate in the election for any one of the positions.

People who are running again for their current positions:

President: Ian Low

Vice-President: Marie Cairns

Secretary: Carol Newington

Director at Large: (2 positions) Bruce Cairns and Blair Herbert.

People who are not running again:

Treasurer: Cindy Liboiron

Director At Large: Dan Graham
(every position is open to run for election)


2. Financial Report from the Treasurer.

3. ELECTION: From this point, Patti will take over and conduct the Election. She will ask for names forwarded from Zoom members and from members present at the hub. A member from the floor will count raised hands from those on zoom (digital hand “raise hand” or just raise your hand). Patti Whitehouse is conducting this count and the election itself(with potential help from a person at the hub as a counter as directed by Patti).

4. Winners are declared and if there is time some business can be conducted within this first 40-minute session.
7:20 Social Break (or sooner depending on the length of the 1st session)
7:30 Session 2: (Zoom session 2 login starts 7:28)
– Presentation of the Trophies from the Cowichan Exhibition.
– Notification that there will be no potluck/Fall Harvest dinner due to Covid this year. The next gathering will occur in January.
– Discussion of saving money for a trailer for storage of club equipment and valuables. Looking for a cargo trailer if someone knows of a sealed unit that could be donated to the club or purchased inexpensively.
– Discussion of future goals, needs, wants, and wishes to close the year to send the new executive off with for planning for January.
– Reminder to check out the new website: Feedback and what needs to yet be added.
– Reminder of the BCHPA (BC Honey Producers Elections occur Friday, October 30th, 8:30 am-12:30 pm. A reminder of some of the benefits of belonging to the BCHPA

8:10 Close of meeting and Clean-up

Future Dates

January 19th — First meeting of the 2022 year

Jan - Nov 3rd Wednesday

Cowichan Beekeepers

Meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of every month
January – November from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The Hub Community Center
2375 Koksilah Road, Duncan, BC