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This was the best picture we received. If you have a specimen or issue with a bee, please keep the specimen.

Pictures were taken but we were not provided the specimen so that we could properly identify what this is… it appears to be a kind of mite and not pollen, because pollen would have also been on the legs.  If you have an interesting find, please let us know so that we can put it under the microscope.

Photos submitted from Ian Low and the canons were in a pumphouse.

These are Mud dauber wasps are Sceliphron caementarium, the only wasp that makes the unique mud nest that you found. Adults are black and yellow  and prey on spiders.  I suspect they are now rare. It is one of 300 species that hunt other insects. None are hazardous to humans but are too often killed on site. Dumb!  These wasps sting other insects not people.
Cheers, Ted Leischner


Mud Dauber wasp