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Download – Cowichan Beekeepers Buzz Jan 2021 PDF

Beekeeping is an activity that could be a hobby, a job, an agricultural pursuit, or a commercial endeavor. Beekeeping has a steep learning curve but doesn’t let that scare you. Join a club, get support and share your learning!…(Read More)

Download – Cowichan Beekeepers Buzz Feb 2021 PDF

In February beekeepers tend to wonder what is going on in their hives. Winter is one of the times of the year when a beekeeper doesn’t need to spend as much time with the bees compared to other times of the year…(Read More)

Download – Cowichan Beekeepers Buzz Mar 2021 PDF

As the weather warms up we hope our bees emerge from the winter as strong hives. Those of us whose bees died over the past winter are likely still saddened, and we are all mourning our losses…(Read More)

Download – Cowichan Beekeepers Buzz Apr 2021 PDF

Hive loss is not a subject any beekeeper really wants to talk about, except me? Anyone else? This March, I surveyed beekeepers in Cowichan on what their honey bee colony wintering rates were for 2020-2021 and 60% of all the reported honey bee colonies died between September and March…(Read More)

Download – Cowichan Beekeepers Buzz May 2021 PDF

It is difficult to overstate the importance of growth in spring and early summer for farming, beekeeping, and gardening…(Read More)

Download – Cowichan Beekeepers Buzz Jun 2021 PDF

What is one of the best things a beekeeper can learn to support honey-bee health in Cowichan besides treating their bees…(Read More)

*Please Note:           We do not have a regular meeting or Newsletter in July.

       :          The Fall Harvest Dinner/Social is in November.

Download – Cowichan Beekeepers Buzz Aug 2021 PDF

It gives me great pleasure as Chairperson of the Honey Division of the Cowichan Exhibition to invite Beekeepers to participate, share and learn at the Cowichan Exhibition…(Read More)

Download – Cowichan Beekeepers Buzz Sept 2021 PDF

Late August/Early September is one of the busiest times of year for beekeepers. Some beekeepers are moving hives back to common bee yards for easy monitoring over the winter (in the summer many bee-keepers spread out their hives to maximize hive access to forage)…(Read More)

Download – Cowichan Beekeepers Buzz Oct 2021 PDF

All your final winter preparations for putting your bees to bed for the winter should be completed before October…(Read More)

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